Beautiful Deathbed Blues

by Matt Kollar & The Angry Mob



released April 28, 2014


all rights reserved



Matt Kollar Los Angeles, California

Matt is a Songwriter and a Film Composer. His various records can be heard here and his original music can be heard in the feature-film “God Bless America”.

Matt has also Directed for Film and the Theatre including Evil Dead the Musical (2016), and the sci-fi puppet series “Destroy the Humans!” (2017), featured in the Jim Henson Foundation curated 2018 BAM! Kids Film Festival.
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Track Name: You Can Take Your Boots Off
There's smoke in the hills and a fire being born in the sky
and the Waters giving up throwing away his foolish pride
he says, "burn away if it makes you satisfied and if you must have this affair I'll oblige"

And it's a long, long road ahead.

A lonesome song it sings through these empty plains
as I wait for her to ride on home again
And then you can take your boots off if you like
or strap them on and find someone to love

Fire, fire why must you be so cruel?
You take away what we love on a whim
but the water flows like diamonds out my mouth
and washes clean this stale stench of doubt
Track Name: Beautiful Deathbed Blues
Will you lay roses on my dusty bed, when this world has spit me back out?
The wind blows raindrops on to my dried up tongue I miss the sweet air the salty breeze

And it can feel so strange when you have the beautiful death bed blues

When I was a young man I traveled by sea I rode steamships from port to port.

Long nights all alone upon my lovers breast I've seen adventure I've seen disease

This dirt has blood in it, songs and fortune have been concealed beneath the earth.
I'm just a reflection in a million places breathing out sweet memories
Track Name: The Reverend (The Dead Live in the Song)
The Reverend pulls his boots on once again
to stand before a screaming crowd of heretics and friends
Yes I've been feeling mighty low sometimes I don't know how to be
O'Reverend wont you shoe these weary feet
Reverend wont you sing your song for me

I've seen men shoot their pistols at brothers on the road
Bandits that will rob you of your thoughts and all your clothes
I've been one of them I've taken all that I don't need
Reverend wont you lift this weight of me
And toss it in the orange and crimson sea

The Ghosts and Soldiers still haunt these dirty plains
they hide between the lyric sheets and then rise to life again
they are my mothers and my fathers who have fallen long ago
they walked upon this same old dirty road, the one I'm bound to ramble all alone

So I rode into those ancient badlands again
no I did not turn around until the moon shown proud and big
well I rode back to this town all for to knock upon her door
when she would not come I rode away once more
I rode away more lonesome than before

Then I saw you laying down by the side of the riverbed
you were washing off your hands in a current that turned red
you said, "I'm leaving this world but the dead live in the song, so plant those feet and keep on plodding on, great that morning lark, great that golden sun."
Track Name: Haul Away Joe
When I was a little boy my mother often told me
way haul away, we'll haul away joe.

That if I did not kiss the girls me lips would all grow moldy.

Way haul away we'll haul away Joe.

Once I knew the sweetest love with eyes of long past summers
but the sea she stole that girl from me, now she walks beneath the waters.

Way haul away, we'll heave and haul together
Way haul away, we're bound for better weather
Way haul away, we'll haul away Joe

And when the moon whispers its verse I still can hear her moaning
and when I lay my head to sleep I can tell you her shade comes a'calling.

Sorrow drips down from her hair and her feet in muscles in seaweed
And I wish she'd wrap me in her snare and we'd sleep with the Eels and the Shadows
Track Name: The Golden Towers
Well I'll throw this poem into the river and maybe when it's gone I'll feel lighter then
I'm leaving my darling your summer sweet waters are tempting but in the end they just leave me cold

The ships that we built our love upon are sinking now in a desolate sea
And the decks are speckled with the promises I failed to keep, now rusted and green.

I'd climb to the tops of your Golden Towers and fall to my knees just to beg for a kiss
But no more my darling I'm afraid your powers have fallen short on me and now my heart feels so free

Those soft mornings, your hair catching fire next to mine, now nothing more than our springtime dreams and though the towers lay in ruin I'll steal a piece and ride into the sun.

Well write me some letters if you get a chance to but oh no, don't send them, just save them for me for another poor fool who will write you love sonnets bathe you in roses and gilded melodies.

The pines and birchwood are my companions now and theres a fragrant breeze on the moon drenched wind.
Look north at sunset and you will see my silhouette, yes I'm gone for good this time.

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