The Shadow Show Faire

by Matt Kollar & the Angry Mob



A journey to the Shadow Show Faire, but Is it really as wonderful as it sounds?


Bluebirds were singing
The bells they were ringing
The day my parents brought me to the Shadow Show Faire
I was so happy just to be with Mom and Daddy
Elated, we entered the tent.

There was incense in the air
Magik's abound here
Baboons and Hounds were doing tricks with Reptiles
The Ring Master whistled
The Band began playing
The music was lovely and sweet

And O' I've never been so happy
To see that Flying Lady high above me
Wearing only roses and silver
I swear she touched the stars and made them shiver

On closer inspection I see the infection
Of viewing my past through a gilded looking glass
Memory makes it perfect and golden, though it was rusted, it was horrid
The truth is....

The weather was wicked
On the day that we all went
To witness the Shadow Show Faire
Phantoms and Creatures they all made their homes here
And the Baboons got in with the Hounds

The Ring Master smoking, the music revolting
And the Band? Well surely they were dead...
My sweet trapeze baby? A Warty Old Lady
Covered in swamp-mud and witch-grass

And O' I guess I've never been happy
Just look at all these Horrors that surround me
So I go running from them screaming
But these Monsters find me every time I'm dreaming

I'll never go back to the past


released March 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Matt Kollar Los Angeles, California

Matt is a Songwriter and a Film Composer. His various records can be heard here and his original music can be heard in the feature-film “God Bless America”.

Matt has also Directed for Film and the Theatre including Evil Dead the Musical (2016), and the sci-fi puppet series “Destroy the Humans!” (2017), featured in the Jim Henson Foundation curated 2018 BAM! Kids Film Festival.
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